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The "Nordic"

A very unique 26' Aurora 

The Nordic is based on our 26' Aurora model and the design is influenced by Scandinavian Architecture. The Nordic is an example of how you can transform our Aurora into the tiny home of your dreams.


About the Aurora:


This model features two of our propriety integrated modular expanding spaces that adds over 120 sqft to a traditional tiny house towing platform of equal length. Available in lengths of 26', 28' and 30' in a 8' 6" towing width that expands to 15' 6" onsite:

The "Nordic" features Scandinavian design features:

  • 341 sqft main floor 

  • 33 sqft double bed loft

  • Ground level queen bedroom

  • Rotating RV and Fireplace

  • Solid cedar window trim

  • Gloss finish millwork

  • Integrated 50 sqft deck

  • Full Size Kitchen, living and dining rooms

Video Production by: https://www.exploringalternatives.ca/ Featuring  Island Life Expeditions: https://www.islandlifeexpeditions.com/



Aurora Front Kitchen

341 Main Floor

374 with Loft

Sleeps 4

5 with Loft


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