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Glamping Solutions

Are you an investor looking to join the Tiny House Movement?

Zerosquared has options for you!  

Geodesic Domes

Our premium dual pane tempered all glass 400 square feet geodesic domes are perfect for your short term rental business. The domes can be set up on site in back country settings where assembled structures would be impossible to deliver to

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 10.16.40 AM.png

Accesory spaces

Our accessory spaces are under 107 sqft which means in most North American cites there is no need to apply for a building or development permit when placing them on a block of land. Perfect for a short term rentals, home office, bedroom, yoga room or pool house.

Land Hosts

Zerosquared is seeking land owners looking to earn increased ground lease revenue through placement of investor homes as part of our vacation rental program 

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