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Residential Grade

Our park models are built with residential grade materials and construction methods + they exceed Canadian residential energy codes via spray foamed  R24 walls, R36 roof and floor + dual pane low-e residential windows. We DO NOT build recreational grade or 3 season park models. 

Park Model Certified

Our park models are 12.5' wide & permanently mounted to a steel chassis with the option to remove axles and hitch. Park models are certified to the Canadian Z241 park model code which means they can be placed anywhere a traditional park model can be placed.

Permitted as a backyard suite in Ontario and Edmonton


$18,000 CAD off all of our park models now until December 11th, 2023

The 535

43L x 12.5W | Two Bedrooms |535 sqft

Black Friday sale from: $187,500 CAD | After Dec 11th: $205,000

The 475

38L x 12.5W | One Bedroom | 475 sqft 

Black Friday sale from: $177,000 CAD | After Dec 11th: $195,000

The 425

34L x 12.5W | One Bedroom | 425 sqft 

Black Friday sale from: $167,000 CAD | After Dec 11th: $185,000

The 350

28L x 12.5W | One Bedroom | 350 sqft 

Black Friday sale from: $147,000 CAD | After Dec 11th: $165,000

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