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Our Story

Zerosquared was founded in 2017 by a small group consisting of industrial designers, fabricators and manufacturing specialists who wanted to create a tiny home which we would want to live in.

"We created ZeroSquared as a solution. We believe we can help people live happier lives with less stress. We can give you comfort, functionality and freedom. Allowing you to downsize without downgrading your life."

- Scott Wilson, Design Director, Co-Founder


Living in a tiny home is a great way to minimize the stresses of everyday life. Cleaning is easier, repairs are less expensive, not to mention people can now actually own their homes and take it with them if/when they moved. 

There is only one problem: many tiny homes are simply not functional as a 
HOME. None of us could actually see ourselves living in any of the tiny homes we saw. All the ones we came across in our research were either too small, or so simplified that most of us would miss major elements of our current housing. The tiny homes we were finding weren’t tailored for people who were used to comfortable and modern living spaces.  As a group of designers and fabricators who are constantly thinking up the impossible, we wanted to create something which we would want to live in.

Our Team

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