In (Tiny) house on wheels financing now available  


Term: from 5 years up to 20 years

Flexible term, mortgage style Tiny Home financing 

Good Credit is all you need! 

Our lender recognizes the quality of our homes so the only other thing you need is good credit and stable employment!

From 10% Down

We don't ask you to hand over your life savings. Our deposits range from 10%-20% depending on location and credit score 

From $200 USD Bi-weekly 

Based on our Willow 26', 20% down 6.5% PA, 20 year term OAC

Industry Leading Interest Rates 

Tiny Homes are movable therefore their financing classification carries higher risk. Typically rates start at 9%, we start at 6%

Person to Person Process

Guided application, talking to a real person about your financing needs

Let's go turn your tiny home dreams into reality

Send us your contact information and we will have our finance specialist take you through the application to get your tiny home financed!

Tiny House on


Tiny House on Foundation 

Mobile Business Units 

Tiny House


Zero Squared Inc. 

Sales: Austin, Texas, United States 

Production and Sales: 5050 76th ave SE

Calgary, Alberta, T2C 2X2


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