Financing: CANADA

In (Tiny) house financing now available for our Canadian based customers!   

Zerosquared is the first tiny home company in Canada to be offering a mortgage product for Tiny Home Financing 

From $260 Bi-weekly 

Based on our Willow 26', 10% down 6.5% PA, 20 year term OAC

Term: from 5 years up to 20 years

The first mortgage based Tiny Home financing in Canada. 

From 10% Down

We don't ask you to hand over your life savings. Our financing requires as little as 10% down

Good Credit is all you need! 

Our lender recognizes the quality of our homes so the only other thing you need is good credit!

Let's go get your tiny home financed

Send us your information and we will have our finance specialist take you through the application to get your tiny home financed!

Financing: USA

At this time ZeroSquared does not offer tiny home financing directly, however, we are working diligently to secure a financial partner that believes in the Tiny House Movement as much as we do and are prepared to finance at reasonable rates with a mortgage style term to ensure the monthly burden is manageable 

So where does that leave your options?


Step 1: We believe the best place to start is with the financial institution you bank with because its always easier to have the conversation with a financial institution you have a known relationship with. Be sure to request a "tiny house RV" loan. This is important because the most common way to finance a Tiny House is via a recreational vehicle loan as we certify your home to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) standards.

Step 2: Apply to other local banks or credit unions as per Step 1.

Step 3: Apply to a national lender like Light Stream or Rock Solid Funding but be sure to contact them in advance to discuss your plans

The Willow

Starting at 

$63,000 USD

$84,000 CAD

  • No Expandable Slides

  • Starting at 340 Sqft.

  • Main Floor  221 sqft.

  • Loft 119 sqft. 

  • 3/4 Ton Towable

The VanGogh

Starting at 

$75,000 USD

$99,000 CAD

  • 1 Expandable Slides

  • Starting at 470 Sqft.

  • Main Floor  415 sqft.

  • Loft 55 sqft. 

  • One Ton Towable

The Aurora

Starting at 

$83,000 USD

$110,000 CAD

  • 2 Expandable Slides

  • Starting at 374 Sqft.

  • Main Floor  341 sqft.

  • Loft 73 sqft. 

  • One Ton Towable

Zero Squared Inc. 

Austin, Texas, United States 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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