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What We Believe In 


The core of our innovation is based on integrated modularity. We developed innovative modular slides that can be added onto any length of trailer to expand square footage. 
The principles behind the moving of space at site is derived from the benefits of an RV slide out system, however we have engineered the moving of space into a residential solution.  Our space is moved via 12V electric motors + simple robust rack and pinion gearing. A control system manages the movement of the space to ensure it stops where it needs to, to guarantee a perfect seal each and every time.


We consider every element of our design and floor-plans in order to maximise liveability. Explore our homes in 3D to learn more. 


ZeroSquared is cultivating a culture around a minimalist lifestyle, we believe that you can downsize your space without downgrading.
2019-04-03 07.59.22_edited.jpg
2019-04-03 07.59.42_edited.jpg
Our homes are offer 10 years for key structural components of your home, as well as 5 years on any mechanical components, so you can rest easy. 

Slides can leak, but not ours. The gap between our moving space and the main body of the house is triple sealed to repel water, air, debris and pests, and has a built-in drainage plane to move the water to the outside of the house (think roof downspout)

If you aren’t moving the home regularly the exterior can also be finished with a residential trim. This covers up the exterior sealing system and provides an aesthetic completion of the exterior


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