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We Create, Small Space Housing Solutions

Tiny Homes

Our Story

Zerosquared was founded in 2017 by a small group consisting of industrial designers, builders and manufacturing specialists who wanted to create a tiny home which we would want to live in.

Today, Zerosquared employs over 20 diverse and talented individuals that deliver 80+ homes a year from our 37,000 SF production facility located in Calgary, Alberta to our customers across North America.

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Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOWS)

Our tiny homes on wheels are built onto a permanent 8.5' wide chassis and adhere to the Canadian and United States recreational vehicle code

Our tiny homes range from 178 sqft up to 323 sqft on the main floor with up to 100 sqft of loft space in our two and three bedroom models

Park Models

Our Canadian certified park models are built on a 12.5' wide chassis and range from 350 sqft up to 512 sqft. Lofts are not permitted in Canadian certified models.


Our United States certified park models are built on a 10' chassis and range from 340 sqft up to 380 sqft. Lofts are permitted in USA models and our homes come with an additional 100 sqft of loft space

Did you know?
We are the only Canadian Builder to be featured on Netflix, Tiny House Nation
Check us out on "Volume 1: Tiny House Nation" Episode 4. No Fall Zone   

Have you ever wondered what it takes to complete detailed custom finishing in a tiny house in just 5 days?? Watch as our team works day and night with the Zac Giffin and John Weisbarth and the Tiny House Nation crew to build US military personnel Newt and Brooke, a beautiful Aurora called "Serendiptiny" to travel the USA after Newt’s return from his final deployment in Afghanistan. 


Featured Walkthrough
34' Willow
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

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