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We Create, Small Space Housing Solutions


Delivery Anywhere in North America

We cover all USA/Canada border duties and fees and import and export documentation 

We are a Certified Home Builder

Your health and safety is our top priority. We adhere to NFPA 1192 (RVIA requirement), ANSI 119.5 and NOAH's staged inspection. 

Built for -40c Winters & +40c Summers!

Closed cell spray foam is standard = R24 walls, R36 roof and R42 floors

Financing Available

In house financing available, low down payment, up to 20 yr amortization

Did you know?
We are the only Canadian Builder to be featured on Netflix, Tiny House Nation
Check us out on "Volume 1: Tiny House Nation" Episode 4. No Fall Zone   

Have you ever wondered what it takes to complete detailed custom finishing in a tiny house in just 5 days?? Watch as our team works day and night with the Zac Giffin and John Weisbarth and the Tiny House Nation crew to build US military personnel Newt and Brooke, a beautiful Aurora called "Serendiptiny" to travel the USA after Newt’s return from his final deployment in Afghanistan. 


Our Models


The Hub

Accessory Dwelling Module

Yoga | Office | Classroom

No Permit - Flex Spaces


Main Floor: 107sqft

Including Loft: 150 sqft

CAD from: $37,900

USD from: $28,500


The Weekend

Your Weekender  Lakefront Cottage Premium Glamper 

Dorm Room

One Bedroom Studio

21' x 8.5' x 12.5'

Main Floor = 178 sf 

CAD from: $99,900

USD from: $74,5000

2021-09-22 08.04.54-2.jpg

The Jaunt

One Bedroom Loft

25' x 8.5' x 13.5'

Main Floor = 197 sf 

 Queen Bed Loft = 70 SF

Total = 267 sf

CAD from: $136,500

USD from: $99,750

The Sojourn

One Bedroom with main floor queen

34' x 8.5' x 13.5'

Main Floor = 289 sf 

CAD from: $147,900

USD from: $108,900


The Willow

Two Bedroom with main floor queen

34' x 8.5' x 13.5'

Main Floor = 289 sf 

Queen Bed Loft =  102 SF

Total sf = 391 sf

CAD from: $157,500

USD from: $115,900


The Cascade

Three Bedroom with main floor queen

38' x 8.5' x 13.5'

Main Floor = 323 sf, 

 Two Queen Bed Lofts

Total sf = 511 sf

CAD from: $175,500USD from: $129,500

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