Zerosquared is the first and only tiny home company to feature integrated slide out modules that add up 120 sqft to a traditional tiny home main floor plan in a road legal towing platform

SO why did we put SLIDE outs IN A TINY HOUSE?

Tiny homes on wheels are designed to be mobile, which limits the width to 8' 6". This width constraint limits floor plan options and places most bedrooms into a confined loft space with ceiling heights of less than 5'


The principles behind expanding the square footage at site has been the driving innovation in the recreational vehicle industry for over 25 years but absent from the tiny home industry until Zerosquared developed a propriety residential slide out system built for tiny homes.

We took what is GREAT about the recreational vehicle industry;


  • an expanded main floor living area in a road legal towing width,

  • MAIN floor bedrooms!

We then removed what ISN'T GREAT about the recreational vehicle industry;

  • leaks,

  • not built for full time living,

  • feels manufactured!

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But don't slides leak?

RV slides can, but NOT ours.

RV's are not built to be a housing solution, nor are they built from residential grade materials so when used as a permanent residence the continual wear and tear quickly degrades the slide system to the point they begin to leak or allow cold drafts to enter the space  


Zerosquared's proprietary 18' x 4' slide out modules are designed as a residential system built to residential standards, using residential materials and designed to last as long as a traditional home.


The space between our moving space and the main body of the house is only 1.25" wide, and is triple sealed (think car door) to repel water, air, debris and pests, and has a built-in drainage plane to move any water away from the house (think roof gutter and downspout)

A computer control system manages the movement of the spaces to ensure they stop where they need to, to guarantee a perfect weather tight seal each and every time.


Still concerned? We offer up to a 5yr warranty on the building envelope against leaks. That is the same as a residential new home warranty!

but what about the loss of heat and cold?

Temperature loss from the conditioned space occurs in two ways;

  • Convection refers to movement of the air through a gap in the construction like a crack or window that isn't well sealed  

  • Conduction refers to the heat that moves through solid materials, like insulation or the wooden studs on either side of it. 


How we prevent convection losses: Our triple seal which is located on all four sides of the slide opening consists of two baffle seals that reduce the volume and velocity of the wind and a third permanent seal (think car door) which does not allow the wind to pass from the outside to the inside.  


How we prevent conduction losses: The surface area of the opening between the slide and the main house is less than 1% of the overall wall surface area of the home so any losses due to conduction, (temp passing through the seals) is imperceptible.  

To summarize: The total heat loss experienced from the space between the main house and slide module is no more than the losses that you would see through the frame of a patio door or 1' x 1' dual pane window

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but what about SERVICING, wear, tear & cost of repair?

Zerosquared's slide system is derived from the heavy mining and agricultural industry and is tested to 2000+ actuations. It is designed to operate in the harshest environments with no ongoing maintenance required.  


Our slides are moved via two high torque 12V electric motors that power a simple but robust rack and pinion gear system. The gear system is dry running which means it requires no lubrication or ongoing maintenance of any kind.


In an unlikely event the slide system is damaged the replacement costs for the components will not break the bank or require specialized service technicians to make any repairs. The most expensive component in the system are the 12V motors at around $500 USD each and can be replaced in minutes.

The seals that keep the wind and water out of the home are automotive grade and designed to last 20+ years before needing replacement. Think how often a car door seal needs to be further extend the lifespan of the seals we offer a decorative trim that can be placed over the seals to shield them from the effects of the suns UV rays.  

Zero Squared Inc. 

Sales only: Austin, Texas, United States 

Tours, Production and Sales: 5050 76th ave SE

Calgary, Alberta, T2C 2X2


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