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Zerosquared is on Netflix!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Catch us on Netflix! Our Aurora tiny house stars in an episode of Tiny House Nation, Season 5, Episode 4: "No Fall Zone."

Have you ever wondered what it takes to complete detailed custom finishing in a tiny house in just 5 days?? Watch as our team works day and night with the Zac Giffin and John Weisbarth and the Tiny House Nation crew to build US military personnel Newt and Brooke, a beautiful Aurora called "Serendiptiny" to travel the USA after Newt’s return from his final deployment in Afghanistan.

It’s not just timing that weighs on the Zerosquared team though - we also add a last minute roof top deck, rotating TV and fireplace and Brooke’s mother, Jan, proves a tough nut to crack as she tries to understand why on earth her daughter and son-in-law want to live tiny.

When you combine Zerosquared modular slide out technology and Zac Giffin’s innovative enhancements, you enter a “No Fall Zone”: a ski term where falling will lead to serious injury - aka we’ve only got one shot to get these custom designs right: failure is not an option!

Watch the “No Fall Zone” episode to see how we finish a beautiful and unique Aurora tiny home for this wonderful couple, while also convincing Jan that living tiny is not as uncomfortable and impossible as she had thought.

Tune in from August 9th on North America Netflix: Tiny House Nation, Season 5, Episode 4: "No Fall Zone” and watch how the Zerosquared team brings their Aurora to life.


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