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Featured B2B, The "Blank Canvas"

Mobile showroom for a Fortune 500 Co.

This B2B project was for a New York State design firm that was contracted by a Fortune 500 company to create a mobile showroom for their home care range
The project scope was to create a blank canvas that would facilitate various fit out configurations. 
This mobile showroom is 350 sqft and based on our 28' Aurora tiny house design.
Mobile Business Solutions
Do you need a road legal mobile business that can increase floor space by up to 120 sqft at the push of a button? 
The core of our mobile innovation is based on what we call Integrated Modularity. We have developed a proprietary expanding modular room slide out system that can be added into any length of trailer to expand square footage once at its destination. 
What could an expanding floor area mean for your business application? 
  • It would allow for a shorter towing length for the same floor area as a traditional trailer width  = fit into tighter parking spots
  • A 15 foot wide floor plan in the 18 foot slide out region vs 8 feet on a traditional road legal towing width
  • More square footage = more space for clients which = more revenue and value for money.
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